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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. All rights reserved. This file is Copyright c Patrick Grace. Thank you all for supporting me even though I had this moment of weakness where I didn’t feel like continuing this project. I’m declaring this version of the guide to be the “final version” Unfortunately, there are still remaining “events” which I still haven’t covered up according to some Harvest Moon experts. I have no information on those right now nor do I feel like spending countless hours to find the remaining events.

Friendship Basics

Oh, Shan! Reckon ya can take a quick look at this with me? When I lived there, I never really had people over to socialize.

It looks like very few people have picked Kamil to date or marry, if you use the lack to date or marry, if you use the lack of heart event listings on Fogu and videos Here now, the new generation of the Harvest Moon games, Story of Seasons.

This bachelor comes from a far away town that you may or may not have visited in a past video game. He is searching for beautiful flowers he can use in his flower arrangements, so he left his old town to look for new types of flowers. He tends to keep to himself while he wanders around the wild areas and Georgio’s farm, looking at various floral for inspiration.

You won’t meet Kamil until Spring of year 2 or later. You’ll need to have at least three Trade Depot vendors unlocked which isn’t difficult to do , and then walk into the Trade Depot on a sunny day. Veronica will then introduce the two of you. Once unlocked, he will stay in Oak Tree Town except for on Mondays and Fridays, where he will be out of town and unavailable between am and

Festivals & Events

Raeger moved to Oak Tree Town to help his grandfather with the restaurant he owns. After his grandfather passed away, Raeger took over the restaurant, which he runs in the same manner and style as his grandpa did. He is always thinking of new types of recipes to cook up in his kitchen.

I cannot find concrete info in English on how this game handles it. I the A Wonderful Like games in the past, your.

In Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town there is an option to get married to that special somebody you meet during your farming adventure on grandpa’s old homestead. There are a total of 16 available candidates; some are perfectly normal people, while others are a bit eccentric. A few candidates are even mythical! There is only one candidate that will not be available for marriage.

The Goddess and Kappa both have a marriage criteria that requires you to admit to the Goddess that you’re interested in one or the other. If you admit to her that you’re interested in Kappa, then you can’t marry the Goddess; likewise if you pick the Goddess, then you can’t marry Kappa.

How to trigger the birthday event when dating?

Huang moves into Mineral Town on Spring 3 of your first year. The merchant will greet you as you exit your house in the morning, letting you know he’ll be setting up a small shop inside of the shipper’s house on the beach. Huang likes to keep an eye out for ways to make a little bit of money, even going so far as to sell so-called magical apples.

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Marriage is an option you can participate in Trio of Towns. You’re the only one in the game that can get married, and you can only marry someone of your opposite gender. There are a total of thirteen marriage candidates available. Two of them Stephanie and Woofio are available as download content in the Japanese version, and one of them Inari is the opposite gender of your character:. To persuade someone to marry, you’ll have to raise your friendship with the person, see the person’s friend events , start to trigger their heart events, and then give the person a going-steady pendant to confirm your dedication to the person.

Once you hand over the pendant and you’re an official couple, you must continue to raise the person’s friendship level and see additional love events before you can give the person an item to propose marriage or the person can give the item if you have completed additional requirements. The item required for marriage will vary depending on the village the person is native to.

After the wedding ceremony the person will move into your farm house. Marriage candidates have a colored flower on their conversation dialog box. Each flower color represents 10, Friendship Points FP.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town western version to allow same-sex marriages

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! Dating events not happening? My character is dating Klaus and on her birthday, I didn’t get the birthday celebration event, he just gave her a gift.

I have been playing lots of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns at night and it’s such a A very rushed sketch that I decided to color because I started dating Yuzuki in made another bad meme, got the pictures from fogu and chart from google.

New features to the Story of Seasons series include extensive character customization, design of the house and furniture of the protagonist, and the ability to customize the appearance of the village the game takes place in. The story involves reviving an abandoned town named Echo Village in order to allow the residents and animals to return.

According to a popular Harvest Moon guide website: [4]. Now the place is practically deserted. One after another, the villagers moved away to the city. Now only a few residents still live here. You have inherited this old farm from your father and have traveled to Echo Village to work and live on your family farm. On your way to the farm you run across a man who has passed out on the walking path.

After you help him regain consciousness, he explains that his name is Dunhill and he’s heard about you from your parents, with whom he has been friends with for a long time. They had wrote him a letter stating your arrival. He shows you around the village, explaining its history, and leads you to your farm. By using the construction workshop attached to your farmhouse, you’ll need to build decorations and houses to entice the villagers who moved away to return to Echo Village.

Dunhill will assign you a Town Renovation Plan which lays out a series of tasks that will help to popularize the town.

Marriage Options

Elly lives and works at the clinic in Mineral Town. She wants to be a good nurse, so she helps the Doctor with anything medical. When the Hospital is closed on Wednesdays, she goes to visit her grandmother Ellen and her little brother Yu. Elly’s parents both died a long time ago and it’s been up to her and Ellen to raise Yu.

I’m dating Mistel and it’s currently his birthday. The fogu guide says to walk into your farmhouse between 5 and 11, but nothing happens.

She likes to help the other villagers when she has the opportunity to do so, and tries to be the best big sister possible for Melty. She has a passion for watching the sky, clouds, and other atmospheric phenomenon. Because of her passion for weather, Lillie is the local weather forecaster on television. Each morning you can tune in and watch the next day’s weather on your TV set.

If you haven’t unlocked the Safari Park yet, you can go diving in the river to collect the Bottles and Glittering Stone; the Iron and Crystal can be bought from Asche at the Silk Country booth. Since she is busy with her TV reporting, Lillie is out of town between am and during the work week. She’s easier to find on the weekends, even though she still does a weekend weather report.

The recipe for this dessert is for sale at Silk Country for G once you reach Summer of year 1. The sticking point is going to be with obtaining Cocoa fruit. You have to grow the Cocoa from a tree, as it cannot be picked up off the ground. The tree seedling is for sale late in the game at the Tropical Country Trade Depot vendor for G each.

Dating events not happening?

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version of Story of Seasons you can give the confession item on weekdays as The date may shift to the next possible day if the wedding was to occur on a.

Poor guy must have a ton of headaches because MC craves the minerals-. Keep reading. Originally posted by darlingnisi. Originally posted by rejected-on-a-cosmic-level. Yuzuki can hear the gears turning in her head as she tries to make sense of the riddle – and trying not to laugh when she finally gets it. But no he had to get up and leave the house just to knock on the door.

Also where exactly does all the money I keep giving him for stuff go?

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This formal looking fellow uses flowers and scented oils to create perfumes. He doesn’t have a shop where you can buy his creations, as he seems to prefer researching new scents rather than selling the perfumes for profit. He isn’t just searching for scents that smell nice, but scents that invigorate or have other affects when used.

The only other requirement is the point in the story that you have to be in, which varies based on your choice of bachellorette. I’ll give Anyway, those fogu/Ushi No Tane links are ridiculously useful. Now my Lest is dating Forte, Clorica, and Margaret. I guess it’s because festivals are high this season

Like you, he wants to do his best with the farm he has; unlike you, Fritz is not very good at it! His farm looks shabby and disorganized, but that doesn’t mean that he’s lazy and unkempt. He just isn’t very experienced with managing a farm, even though his heart is in the right spot. Fritz tries his best every day to care for his animals and crops, and believes that he is better at it than the results of his labors indicate.

He is a very friendly fellow, and as your rival, he enourages you to do your best. He is available from the beginning of the game. This recipe is part of Recipe Set 4 that you receive by winning either the crop, fishing, or cooking festivals, you own the Basic Soup and Basic Salad recipe sets, and you have already obtained Recipe Set 1 through 3. Mitten Crab is a giant fish, and can be caught at the northeast dock in the Riverside Pasture area i.

Mariage Basics

Hopefully the ordering of the choices makes sense 😛 I never know exactly how to order events with two sets of choices. Klaus has a purple flower or higher, and you have seen his white flower event. It must be a sunny, non-festival Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.

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There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled if you wish to marry one of the available bachelorettes or bachelors. There are also special bachelorettes and bachelors that have much more requirements and an invisible heart level, making them much harder to marry. In order to marry a bachelor or bachelorette, you must increase their heart level to red first.

The heart level will be shown each time you talk to the person, and it will go from black, to purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally, red. You can increase this daily by giving them gifts and talking to them, but just having a red heart isn’t enough! Each girl or guy has four heart events that you will need to trigger.

They occur at specific times and locations; you may stumble upon some accidentally. The higher heart events will require your bachelor or bachelorette to be at a certain heart level, or else you won’t be able to trigger it even if you show up at the right place and time. You must upgrade your house to the largest size. This can be done by speaking to Gotz, the carpenter and lumberjack of Mineral Town who lives south of your farm in the mountains.

You will also need to purchase the big bed from the Shopping Network, so your spouse will have a place to sleep when they move in with you. Finally, you will need to purchase the Blue Feather from the Supermarket. This item becomes available for purchase when your special lady or man’s heart level is red.

Story of Seasons