Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility – Air + Water

Cancer and Aquarius are both wonderful people with some challenging differences in their characters that make them difficult to get together in long term. Cancer are more personal in their approach while Aquarius a very open and friendly. They have to go through a few adjustments to make their relationships work. Cancer are very determined and money minded people. They love to work for their pay cheques checks and equally respect moral values and family. Cancer are capable of expressing almost all the types of human emotions with grace. Their love for the chivalrous and noble elegance makes them happy. Cancer are very intelligent and cautious regarding every matter of personal and professional life. They are highly valued by people for their subtle and compassionate nature. The trouble is, sometimes they mix up their moods, and one then has to observe when they are funny and lovable, when they become nostalgic, or become aggressive.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility: The Visionary and the Homemaker

It calls the opposite attraction that bridges the gap between two people who are poles apart. Yes, it is true. Then you should take a look at the amazing pair of Aquarius and Cancerian. When Aquarians are strong-headed, extremist, detached, arrogant, and independent; Cancerian are emotionally dependent on their partners, soft-hearted, moody, shy, and loyal. But they both can make the happiest pair if they work on it.

They refuse to date anyone who is going to hold them back. The Cancer Zodiac. Cancer is ruled by the moon, the planet of intuition and emotions. The.

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Cancer and Aquarius emotionally, mentally and sexually? Read on…. When Cancer and Aquarius soul mates enter into a romantic relationship together it will be a match of the opposites. These signs have a few zodiac traits in common, but for the most part they spend their time looking at the world in drastically different ways from how the other views their surroundings.

This Cancer and Aquarius love compatibility will only be successful if these two signs learn to use their differences together, as if they are trying to balance each other out. Cancer men and women are both emotional creatures.

Cancer and Aquarius: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

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Love match compatibility between Cancer woman and Aquarius man. Read about the Cancer female love relationship with Aquarius male.

Dating is complicated, and we sure do know it. It can be hard to scan for red flags, gauge your chemistry, and get to know someone on an authentic level all at once. But there’s a little cosmic trick to gaining insight into the fate of connection with someone new, and that’s by looking the astrological love compatibility between you two. Finding out which zodiac signs are the most compatible in love is definitely a must, but knowing the most incompatible zodiac signs for you is perhaps even more useful, as it can help you to avoid wasting your time on someone who will eventually press your buttons, grind your gears, and drive you up the wall.

But before you eliminate an entire group of Sun signs from your dating pool, remember that just because you’re falling for someone with an incompatible zodiac sign to yours doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed to end in heartache. The astrological compatibility between two people involves much more than just Sun signs — you’ve got to look at your birth charts on the whole , as that will give you a much clearer picture of what potential struggles lie ahead. So while Sun signs are a good start, remember that romance planet Venus , sex planet Mars , and the emotional Moon all play major roles in our love lives, too.

Besides, just because there’s difficulty between two signs, doesn’t mean you can’t work it out or compromise. It’s time to learn which signs you’re romantically incompatible with , based on your zodiac sign. You’re bold and impulsive by nature, Aries — but Cancers are more reserved and protective of their space and time, so you might struggle to adjust to their need for peace and quiet.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Long-Term Compatibility

Email address:. Cancers are protective and nurturing, Aquarians are bold and innovative. They connect the most deeply when they are talking. Sweet and romantic, this relationship could last forever if the partners are patient and willing to overcome their differences. Both the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman like being out in the world and making friends.

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is not necessarily love at first sight, though. Aquarius is a free thinking, super-rational rebel, while Cancer is a soft and loving​.

Dating for an Aquarius woman and Cancer man may not go very well. Despite the initial emotional attraction there are some fundamental differences they need to be aware of. The Aquarius woman lives in her head and is not very comfortable with emotions. The Cancer man on the other hand, lives in the ocean of his emotions and may see the Aquarius woman as cold and detached which does not help on a date.

The Aquarius woman is likely to feel the Cancer man is too clingy and needy and that makes her want to run away! The sex will be fabulous however despite their innate differences. The Aquarius woman will enjoy her Cancer man’s tender lovemaking and he will be intrigued by her unusual responses. This will be a challenging relationship if it even gets past the first date.

This match does have the makings of a hot and fast affair. The Cancer woman needs security and knows her Aquarius man will not fit the bill. He’s stimulating and fascinating but not what she needs.

Is Aquarius and Cancer a Good Match?

The Cancer and Aquarius pairing brings together people made of very different star dust. Cancer approaches life with its sensitive, emotional feelers, while Aquarius has one foot in another dimension. Much will depend on the other energies in the chart. The more airy Waterbearers lean toward the detached end of the spectrum. They relate to concepts and currents.

Aquarius man dating a cancer woman. Nov 18, putting pressure on the compatibility between an aquarian male, love compatibility horoscope makes it takes to.

What is necessary and comforting to one person may be triggering to another person. Of course, feel free to break these rules. Going by one or two synastry aspects is never going to tell the whole story about your relationship. You can have the worst synastry with someone and, because you are both people willing to put the work into a relationship, have the best relationship.

Here are a couple of synastry aspects to watch out for because they may flag a relationship that needs a lot more work. That can make finding a way to communicate very difficult. The same thing will apply the other way. For example, someone whose sun is in Capricorn and enjoys finding ways for groups of people to work together can feel frustrating for a Sagittarius moon, who prefers to drift off elsewhere.

Pisces sun people can flabbergast an Aquarius moon person. The reason why this frustrating aspect can be mediated if you share a planetary ruler or if their planetary ruler is exalted in your moon sign is because, when that happens, there is an avenue of communication.

Cancer Compatibility With Aquarius

Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological compatibility. She’s been an online writer for over five years. Opposites attract when these star signs come together.

Aquarius live life like research scientists, gathering data and making rational conclusions. Cancers, on the other hand, know from experience that their hearts​.

Cancers are bound by their routines whereas Aquarius can be a bit mysterious and volatile. They do not like doing the same old things, which Cancer does all the time. They like variety and are not afraid to accept change. For instance, when Cancer has agreed upon a fixed schedule or activity, without any hesitation, Aquarius may impulsively change it in an instant, and this about them can drive Cancer crazy.

And when it comes to emotional compatibility, what this relationship pairing can be a bit disappointing. Unlike Cancer, Aquarius rarely invests in commitments. While Aries can be nurturing and giving, Aquarius will remain secretive and aloof. They can be a bit demanding and overly carefree. They will do as they please without thinking how their Cancer partner feels about it, or how they would react.

And because Cancer tends to be extremely sensitive, this can often lead to constant disagreements. The relationship may start interesting and romantic, but as both delve into the relationship, it needs more than physical attraction and a lot of hard work for the relationship to remain stable. Copyright Free Spiritual Guidance. The relationship between a Cancer and an Aquarius can be very unstable. Aquarius comes from the water element, and like water colliding with air, the relationship can always be unpredictable, full of turmoil, and emotional challenges.

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

This interesting zodiac sign match has great potential for change. Not only might the couple change one another for the better, but together these two can change the world into the bargain. Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is not necessarily love at first sight, though.

To respin the old joke: What do two Cancers bring on a second date? Cool Aquarius doesn’t need much affection, and Cancer withers.

An Aquarius and Cancer relationship does hold some promise, but it is a bumpy ride. These stellar beings can make friendship and romance work. When they make it through the roughest patches, love proves enduring. The Aquarian personality has an innovative mind. These individuals have much to teach the Cancer personality. Aquarius wants to teach Cancer to chill out and to take it easy with all the emotional talk.

The Aquarian persona tells their Cancer partner no need to rush to that commitment altar! Cancer wants to teach Aquarius how to navigate the waters of emotion. The connection between the Aquarius and Cancer love match is unusual and, yes, a bit odd. But, sometimes the stars align in such a way that the Aquarius and Cancer combo happens. It may be due to a need for life lessons in this lifetime.

It might be a connection stemming from karma.

Aquarius Sun Sign Compatibility Matches

What happens if you take distant Aquarius and pair it with a needy Cancer? Well, with air and water, you get chaos. Is it just a hurricane waiting to destroy or do they secretly make a good love match?

The Aquarius Cancer compatibility will need a lot of homework to be done for this This inquisitive nature will be a good thing to Aquarius dating Cancer. This is.

By Jessica. Each Aquarius and Cancer relationship is unique, just like all love matches. They spend time together, they work through things, and they fight. Some couples get along better than others, though. And if it were left up to the stars, every couple would be matched up perfectly! Some signs are known for their compatibility; others are known for their conflict.

The relationship of a Cancer and an Aquarius lies somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links.

Aquarius and Cancer: Compatibility in Sex, Love, and Friendship

To respin the old joke: What do two Cancers bring on a second date? Answer: a U-Haul. Cancer is the zodiac’s nester, and you’ll quickly set up a home with a fully-stocked kitchen, cozy furniture, a hand-wired sound system and eclectic art. This is a Water sign match that can work out swimmingly.

Learn what the Cancer and Aquarius sign will need to do to make it work, what they argue about, and dating and marriage tips.

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Are Cancer & Aquarius Compatible?