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Index Newest Popular Best. Sign Up: Free! Log In. Accuracy : A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Last updated Aug 26 Search in topic:. Courtney Cox played Meryl, who pretended to be Jerry’s wife for a dry cleaning discount. Debra Messing played Beth; Beth was married and Jerry and Elaine wanted the marriage to break up so that they could date the married people.

15 “Seinfeld” References Explained for Younger Audiences

Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? Check out our complete Seinfeld Gift Guide right now! They never kill the neighbor. The neighbor always survives to do the interview afterwards. They’re never disturbed by the sounds of murdering, just stereo.

I was watching the Masseuse ep. last night on TBS where Elaine trys to get to avoid being confused with Joel Rifkin, the famous serial killer.

George stellt fest, dass er immer noch Rekordhalter beim Frogger-Computerspiel in seiner Stammkneipe aus Schulzeiten ist. Ein Serienkiller macht N. Elaine is confronted with cake from two separate birthday celebrations. She is tired of the forced socializing, so she calls in the sick the following day. Kramer was at the police station where he obtained some caution tape used for crime scenes and also hears about a serial killer that is on the loose in the Riverside Park area.

At the pizza parlor, George discovers he still has the high score on the old Frogger video game. Elaine’s co-workers give her a cake to celebrate her return to work from being sick, she refuses to take part in any future celebrations. Jerry goes out with Elaine’s friend Lisi, but she is a “sentence finisher, it’s like dating Mad-Libs. Kramer discovers the last victim of the serial killer looked a lot like Jerry.

George works to find a solution to his Frogger problem and Kramer volunteers the help of a man he knows named “Slippery Pete. Jerry is looking to breakup with Lisi, but discovers that she lives in Riverside Park area. To avoid the serial killer, he takes Lisi back to his place where she finishes one of his thoughts that takes their relationship to the next level.

Elaine tells Jerry and George about the cake and she also tells Jerry that Lisi is planning a weekend trip for them to Pennsylvania Dutch country. Jerry fears that Lisi received the wrong message as that kind of a trip is for a serious relationship.

Seinfeld: The Masseuse | Episode 73 Recap Podcast

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Elaine Benes, pop-culture icon and lead female character in Seinfeld, went Elaine dates Kevin briefly, but they decide to remain friends, like with with a real-life serial killer, but it kind of doomed the whole relationship.

Seinfeld has been off the air for 20 years today. Jerry sets Elaine up with Phil in season 5, and they end up having a fantastic date, until he takes it out. He takes it out. He takes. It out. The guy who takes it out is not getting higher than last place on this list. Jerry Seinfeld years later said that this stroke plotline made the episode his least-favorite Seinfeld episode ever.

Elaine accuses Jerry of doing this intentionally. I eat well. I exercise! The winner of the election?

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In Seinfeld , nobody learns any lessons. See if you can answer these questions to find out! It is best remembered for its hilarious ending, in which George recounts in the coffee shop when he was called upon to save a beached whale. A huge wave swept him up right on top of the great fish mammal, whatever , and he reached into the blowhole to pull out the obstruction.

questions and answers about ‘Seinfeld’ in our ‘Television Q-T’ category. of a serial killer, which is why Joel (the one Elaine is dating) wants to change his.

The landmark Jerry Seinfeld-Larry David creation about four neurotic New Yorkers was ostensibly about nothing, but of course was uniquely something: the master of sitcom domain earning 10 Emmys over its nine-year run that its star described as ‘micro-concept TV. Just brilliant, quirky takes on the seemingly mundan more… The landmark Jerry Seinfeld-Larry David creation about four neurotic New Yorkers was ostensibly about nothing, but of course was uniquely something: the master of sitcom domain earning 10 Emmys over its nine-year run that its star described as ‘micro-concept TV.

Just brilliant, quirky takes on the seemingly mundane events of daily life. George visits a holistic healer Stephen Tobolowsky suggested by Kramer. Driver: Jimmy Woodard. George: Jason Alexander. Attendant: John Fleck. Elaine: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Levitan: Fred Applegate. Vic: John Capodice.

Rate all 56 of Elaine’s Boyfriends on Seinfeld

Elaine calling Jerry shallow is like the Atlantic calling the Pacific salty. Still is. They might have avoided sending some pretty awful messages about the value of human life.

the Relationships of Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes siblings, but from Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes, who certainly has not, in any way, shape parents, a wedding— and consequently Elaine felt as though she was dating Gack, New York serial killer.

Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur were looser than cream corn, ready to recap the next episode in their run through the entire Seinfeld series. It was a slow news week, but Akiva still delivered a few Seinfeld related tweets to make due. Chris Regan asked if the Pope has taken the real Kramer Seinfeld tour yet. Rob noted that Jerry Seinfeld was a guest on the Mets broadcast last week talking about the upcoming playoff excitement.

No Scene It question this week, so Akiva remains at He also happens to share the same name as a famous serial killer, Joel Rifkin. Elaine faces some ribbing from her coworkers about this after hanging up with Jerry. In the next scene, Elaine and Jerry are taking about how she wishes Joel would change his name. Kramer comes in and answers how many people the serial killer Joel Rifkin killed, then pops back in when Elaine offers an extra ticket to the Giants game.

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It was referenced in everything. Family Guy. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

American serial killer Joel Rifkin killed 17 women in the s before the police pulled him over for a missing license plate and discovered his.

One of the funniest running gags on the show was that the characters had ridiculous reasons for breaking up with the people they were seeing. Given how petty and vindictive these four characters were, it was hardly surprising that the smallest inconvenience could cause them to cut ties with somebody. So, here are the 10 craziest reasons that Seinfeld characters had for breaking up with people. Aaron was unusually nice to Morty and Helen Seinfeld , who were visiting New York, and took them out to Broadway shows, invited them to dinner, and brought them on hansom cab rides through Central Park.

So, in the end, she broke up with him for being nice to the Seinfelds. In fact, he loves it so much that when his girlfriend finds out about it and tells him he has to choose between doing the voice and dating her, he chooses to keep doing the voice. So, when he met a woman who had a velvet couch, he was head over heels in no time. But he felt threatened by her male roommate, who looked a lot like him, so he got rid of the roommate.

However, when the roommate moved out, he took a lot of stuff with him, including the velvet couch. That, combined with the pressure George felt after his girlfriend changed her whole life for him, caused him to end things. When Elaine was dating a man who shared his name with notorious serial killer Joel Rifkin, her co-workers barbed her for it and she had a couple of public humiliations, like when his name was announced at a baseball game.

So, she asked him to change his name, and to be fair to him, he was open to it. This leads to an argument, and she leaves the apartment. In the end, the Dockers commercial becomes the downfall of the relationship.

Kramer serial killer